Joplin Paranormal Research Society 

We speak English, Spanish, German, American Sign Language and Exact English.


We investigate all types of locations.
From Private Homes, Businesses, 
Historical Landmarks.. No location is too big or too small. 

Ghost Box- Private Residence

Ghost Box - Simple Math Answers

Ghost Box- Reading Titles of Books

Founded in January of 2006, J,P.R.S. is one of the oldest Non-Profit Paranormal Investigation & Research Teams located in the Joplin, MO area.

We are a Non-profit Paranormal Investigation & Research Team located in Joplin, MO. Using a scientific approach, we conduct paranormal investigations for private locations, residences and any commercial locations. Our investigations are always FREE of charge. Our goal is to help those who have paranormal problems by capturing evidence, relaying evidence & informing clients of possible solutions.


Meet the Team

  • Darlene - Founder, ITC
    Darlene - Founder, ITC
  • Dusty - Tech Manager, Medic
    Dusty - Tech Manager, Medic
  • Brooks - Investigator
    Brooks - Investigator
  • Tony - Investigator
    Tony - Investigator
  • Tyler - Investigator, Tech
    Tyler - Investigator, Tech
  • Dawn - Investigator
    Dawn - Investigator
  • Carmen - Case Manager, Investigator
    Carmen - Case Manager, Investigator
Darlene - Founder, ITC
Darlene - Founder, ITC

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