Electronic Voice Phenomena

EVP stands for Electronic Voice Phenomena. During an EVP Session, the Team will set up multiple recording devices in attempt to capture sounds or voices from the other side. Most of our recordings are raw, we normally do not use noise removal for our audio. Some are amplified to hear the EVP better. We recommend that you wear headphones while listening to EVPs. 

2 female Members are laughing as they set up for their session. They did NOT make any stomping sounds. You can hear stomping sounds and a male say "I'm following you."

EVP of a young boy. Our member asks if he wants to play with her. He replies. "No."

EVP Captured at the Fort Chaffee Prison inside the Maximum Security Building. Males voice saying, "Go Away!"

In a old abandoned apartment building, we capture an EVP of a  woman asking our member, "What's your name?"


EVP: "Go!"

There are 2 female members doing a session. One senses that there is a young spirit right next to her. The little girl responds, "I'm here."

EVP captured in the basement of an antique store. The team did a session right next to an old hospital bed. An angry older man say's "Get off of my bed!"


EVP caught on tape during walkthrough.

EVP of a young girl saying "Christmas."


Fort Chaffee haunted Prison. Inside a cell in the Maximum Security Building. We caught this EVP of what sounds like a young female saying, "It's cold."


In an old building under construction to be restored, the team asks if they want the place fixed up. A female answers, "I do."

EVP captured inside an old opera house of someone singing an unknown song.

EVP: "Mom!".


Stationary recorder in an old opera house caught this EVP of music being played. 2 of our members were at the location and in the room... but did not hear any music! 


EVP heard out loud and caught on tape.

EVP caught on tape - Stationary Camera

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